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Grapefruit Oil

You may only think of grapefruit as a bright pink, tasty, healthy addition to your breakfast. While it is all of those things, there are many other benefits using the oil from this fruit that you may not have been aware of.

Boosts Mood & Energy: Instead of reaching for sugar to cure that after-lunch slump, diffuse grapefruit oil instead.The oil naturally awakens the mind, helping to improve clarity, memory, and focus all while preventing feelings of drowsiness and brain fog. Diffuse grapefruit oil to encourage feelings of happiness an energy. The bright, citrus scent counteracts low mood and helps prevent "the blues."

Headaches: Grapefruit oil can alleviate some of the pain of headaches. Apply diluted grapefruit oil to the temples or back of the neck when you feel a headache coming on to help relieve some of the pressure in your head.

Hangovers: Diffuse grapefruit oil after a night of heavy drinking or add some diluted oil behind your neck and to temples to ease the headache of a hangover. Accompany grapefruit oil with plenty of water.

Jet Lag: Boost energy by diffusing grapefruit after a long journey when you are fatigued and suffering from jet lag. The oil is energizing enough to help you get on a normal schedule at your destination without sleeping an entire day.

Kills Bacteria: Grapefruit oil, like other citrus oils is an effective killer of bacteria. This makes it ideal as an additive in household cleaning products and where-ever else you need to kill bacteria. The oil also has an amazingly delicious scent, that only kills bacteria and mold, but smells great while doing it. The ability of grapefruit oil to kill both bacteria and mold make it effective addition to any homemade bathroom cleaner. Add a few drops of grapefruit oil to kitchen and bathroom cleaners for a disinfecting boost that smells wonderful.

Relives Stress: Just the smell of grapefruit oil gives a room a fresh, happy scent that helps keep feelings of stress under control. Grapefruit oil has a powerful, lingering scent that is ideal for diffusing at night to promote calm, relaxing sleep. Try diffusing the oil at work to keep anxiety and stress at bay during periods of intense work.

Freshens Air: There are few better smells than the invigorating scent of grapefruit oil. What makes grapefruit oil particularly suited to cleaning and freshening the air is that in not only covers bad odors, but it kills the bacteria and other contaminates responsible for causing the odor to begin with. Grapefruit oil also works well as a conditioner for wood, leaving a pleasant scent behind while conditioning the wood.

Improves Digestion: Citrus oils work effectively at boosting digestion by stimulating the salivary glands and helping break down food faster. Just smelling grapefruit oilcan help speed digestion, and rubbing a few drops on the stomach with a carrier oil will help ease an upset stomach caused by gas, bloating or overeating.

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