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Or so headlined the local news channel yesterday. And, while that is anything but

News to us at CCDM Nature Nook, there is a ton of new-news, information and testimonials EVERYDAY. This is very exciting. It is also overwhelming. As new (often inferior) products and claims flood this new market, it is more important than ever to be our own well informed, well educated health and wellness advocate.

Knowledge is empowering. Self-advocating is liberating. We could go on and on listing the benefits of CBD, sharing heart-warming and heart-breaking first hand testimonials from NN customers who had given up hope for any relief from pain, depression, tremors, seizures, sleepless nights and listless days.

I have to literally restrain myself from turning a blog into an epic. I would begin from the earliest recorded uses of medicinal cannabinoids (not cannabis) winding and weaving words to gift fellow sojourners with a roadmap to wellness. Fortunately for you, our customers, much of the extensive research and writing has been done albeit with less artful articulation and pretty prose.

Every good read needs a starting point. It is also true for projects and products. As with every other journey, we are all at different points and places. It is no different with health and wellness, vitamins and supplements; certainly no different with CBD and other alternative therapies.

In an effort at ease and efficiency I will list a few incredibly credible sites, each of which are authorities in each individual area.

All CBD is NOT created equal! CCDM and the Nature Nook did extensive research to ensure not only a safe, affordable product but a superior product as well. Please see the link below.

Now that you are well on your way to being well informed, you will be happy to know that our CBD product line (namely Grandma’s Hemp and CBDistilleries) meet ALL of the criteria recommended to consumers!

In closing, we are confident that we have provided not only the best product but the best direction to the best information.

For more information Visit Our CBD Page.

If you are not computer savvy, do not like research or do not like reading, please drop by the Nature Nook. Additional Information is available near the CBD display at the entrance to the the Nook.

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