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CBD Oils


The Nature Nook is so grateful for the feedback and testimonials of our customers.  It is one thing to have searched and researched the BEST, most affordable, highest quality product. Quite another to delivered it.  We were thrilled to find and offer GRANDMA’S HEMP, FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL. Our distributor/ dispespensory is also family owned and operated.  They maintain a close working relationship to the Colorado Farm growers of this pharmaceutical grade, medicinal hemp strain source. From Seed to Product they are hands-on and all-in.  So are we.


Not All CBD is created equal.  There are many choices on the market.  We think that Grandma’s Hemp is far and above the rest.  Of course, we are biased. GH is Colorado Grown with Organic Farm Practice and Standards.  The products contain NO fillers, No additives, No dyes or preservative. No pesticides. It is 3rd Party Lab Tested for transparency, purity and safety.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains all of the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids and fatty acids found in hemp.  Each of these properties have therapeutic value on their own. Combined they produce an entourage effect. CBD is NOT marijuana and is NOT a marijuana product. Full Spectrum products may contain  .<.03% THC legal in ALL 50 states.


Broad-spectrum CBD is Full-Spectrum minus the THC.  CBD Isolate is simply CBD minus everything else, including those property which work in harmony with nature and your body to create the entourage effect.  Nature Nook at CCD Market offers all of these options at strengths ranging from 300 mg- 5000 mg. And, while oils are the recommended form, we appreciate that they are not preferred by everyone.  We also offer capsules and gummies.


CBD has been found to successfully relieve symptoms including but not limited to inflammation, nausea, hot flashes, headaches, joint pain, back pain, anxiety, digestive issues, spasticity, cramps, sleeplessness, frequent urination and irritated skin.  We have several regular customers who swear by its effectiveness controlling blood pressure, blood sugar, anxiety, depression and tremors related to Parkinson’s Disease to name only a few.


We could go on and on about the benefits of CBD for a variety of ailments and complaints.  However, though we are passionate about all things health and wellness, all things God-given and natural, we are not Health Care Professionals and encourage you do the research and to be your own informed and empowered Healthcare Advocates.  We recommend you visit and for the latest research and information. There are also a number of informational brochures located in the NN near the CBD display. We invite you to come in and ask questions we can explore together, share testimonials and join the community conversation.  All are Welcome.

The Nature Nook at CCD Marketplace is excited by the response from so many of our neighbors with respect to the continued availability of high quality CBD products.  


If you are familiar with our store webpage, then you are aware that CCD Marketplace is a family owned, locally operated and invested community resource.  The dream, mission and service of the store is our neighbors. The needs of the community is what fostered our opening and what charts our mutual paths forward.  And, it may surprise you that each and every change along the way from our tiny humble beginnings to the work-in-progress you see today has been tempered with prayer and consideration for the various people and groups of people who call this home.  It is with great care that we consider and reconsider all merchandise we carry in the store.


We were continually asked whether or not we anticipated selling this natural, plant derived supplement.  And, although the preliminary research was overwhelming and on the surface controversial, the research based benefits are spectacularly undeniable.

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