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Health Highlights

Welcome to our Health Highlights Blog. Here have natural remedies and health tips that you may use to help improve areas of your life.


Essential oils and other remedies listed on our blog or on our site are not regulated as drugs, and are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent diseases and health problems. The FDA regulates essential oils and vitamins as food supplements. While some individuals do use natural remedies & essential oils to treat minor health problems, it is not an FDA approved use of the oils nor is it encouraged my most manufacturers. Essential oils can be dangerous , and using them to self medicate for health concerns can be dangerous and have serious side effects.


There are some naturopathic doctors who use essential oils to treat medical conditions. If you are interested in using essential oils medically, look for local doctors and naturopaths who are using essential oils and natural remedies in their practices. This is the safest way to get natural treatment without any side effects.

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